Fast and exciting, slow and mesmerizing; Tribal Style Bellydance combines powerful movements from Middle Eastern and flamenco dance with ornate costumes and jewelry from many cultures to produce an unforgettable dance experience.

Tribal Belly Dance is a fusion dance form that has the look and feel of an ancient tribal gathering of women. We learn a language of combinations of movements from traditional Middle Eastern dance, flavored with a little flamenco, African, and Indian dance, and we learn to “talk together” as dancers, where a lead dancer will show the others what to do next using body cues and gestures.The result is beauty in motion, as dancers react to the music, become empowered, connect with their fellow dancers, and create living art.

 Carolena Nericcio of Fat Chance Belly Dance ( is credited as being the Mother of Tribal Belly Dance for codifying the idea and the first language of steps to be used in this “lead and follow” format with a tribal aesthetic. Dancers who adopt Carolena’s original stylings are called American Tribal Style (ATS) dancers.
Other groups have adopted this revolutionary format, and created their own unique steps and adopted others, further expanding the creativity of this dance form; these groups are usually referred to as“Improvisational Tribal Style” (ITS) belly dance. In Tribalation! dance troupe we take movements based in the Fat Chance Belly Dance
vocabulary, but also incorporate steps adopted from other troupes and unique steps created by Sabine and Tribalation!

People observing a tribal belly dance performance often comment “you look like you are having such fun together!” and “you look like you are dancing for each other, rather than just for your audience!”  That energy and feeling of sisterhood and togetherness is at the heart of tribal belly dance.

Tribalation! dance troupe first hit the scene in Eugene in 2003. Today, dancers Sabine, Melissa, Ann, and Natasha share their love, friendship, and infectious dance energy through their improvisational performances all over the Northwest.

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