Sabine is a dance artist who has studied Middle Eastern Dance since 1988, and has been performing tribal style belly dance since 1999. She honors the roots of Tribal Belly dance in her classes, with troupe Tribalation! and with student troupe Sister Celebration. Dancers are taught how to cue and follow movements in an improvisational yet synchronous manner, creating beautiful dance energy on the stage and in the studio.

Sabine is a master of “Raks al Sayf,” the sword dance, where the grace and flow of the dance movements are contrasted by the dangerous sharpness of the huge Turkish Scimitars that she balances. Sabine has taught her own special brand of “Dangerous Sword Dancing” in workshops and festivals all over the Northwest. Sabine brings a strong and unique presence to the stage. Her dancing has been called "powerful", "mesmerizing", and "beautiful".

Sabine is active in producing dance and cultural events in Oregon. She teaches weekly classes, and travels to teach workshops in sword dance and many aspects of Tribal and Cabaret style belly dance.